Mokaal Lab

Things we're working on


People carry their phones everywhere they go. So wouldn’t it be nice to be able to estimate how many people have been to a place/venue? Or if some spots in our venue gather more people than others at specific times of the day?
All that an many more are solved by peopled, the new Solution from Mokaal.
By monitoring wifi packets that are being broadcast all the time, we can derive useful analytics about crowd movements/densities to help you make better decisions.

Techologies used

  • Aircrack-ng
  • Laravel-based backend for analytics calculation and web presentation
  • Memcached for data caching
  • and Redis for updating the results page
  • Google Charts
  • rsync and bash for all the scripting behind the scenes stuff



Loyal users make happy customers

mLoyalty is a point based loyalty platform, tightly integrated with locito but also stand-alone. It allows for point based discounts, and offers automatic user recognition and merchant notification via iBeacons.


Technologies used

  • Laravel for backend and frontend (Bootstrap based)
  • MySQL
  • iBeacons (via Locito)
  • Google Cloud Messaging for Web Push Notifications
  • Azure Cloud hosted