Locito is a full fledged platform.

With the locito app as a medium, the platform allows any promotional scenario to be delivered right to the end user.

We have designed many use-cases for Locito, that cover various industries, from hotels and tourism, to culture, exhibitions and retail.

The use of iBeacons can provide exciting automation and triggering capabilities to your project, allowing the user to focus on your Brand.

If you like Locito but it doesn't cover all your needs or you want an exclusive app with locito-like functionality, get in touch and lets design a tailor-made solution by building on top of the existing platform.

Locito implements a series of features that can cover most use-cases.

Dynamic branded campaigns. Custom logo/colours.

Dynamic content. Unlimited POIs, buildings, indoor POIs.

Dynamic web actions. Any responsive page can be integrated in Locito.

Custom HTML scraping. Store ticket/coupon codes in-app.

Automatic actions based on iBeacon proximity.

All iBeacon actions are logged for analytics.

POI metadata including contact information, text and images.

Share POI/Campaign to Social Media.

Deep linking functionality can link to any specific point in-app.

PUSH notifications. Custom actions can be triggered by PUSH notification.