Locito is a location enabled mobile app that augments the user's surroundings by connecting the physical with the digital.
With extensive use of Bluetooth beacons the user experience is made as fluid and easy as possible allowing focus on the content and acting upon it.

Any custom web binding is possible in-app via dynamic actions defined on the Locito Backend. Tickets/Coupons can be stored for later use in-app.

Indoor maps can be tied to external POIs and approximate indoor location can be determined with the use of Bluetooth Beacons.

Bluetooth Beacons are used to automatically detect current floor of user and display the appropriate map, as well as automatic triggers for web actions. Hidden actions can be deployed when the publisher needs the user to be in the specific place for an action to occur (e.g. a hidden video that plays when the user is near an exhibit).


Technologies Used


  • Native Android App (Java)
  • Native iOS App (Objective C)
  • Laravel-based backend for data management (PHP)
  • Lumen-based API (PHP)
  • Google Cloud Messaging for PUSH notifications
  • iBeacons used as automatic action triggers and indoor Positioning calculations
  • Azure Cloud hosted